Beautifully Revealed

Beautifully Revealed

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

In the conclusion of the Beautifully Series…
Isabella Moss has to learn to heal and accept her new life as her past is revealed.
But when tragedy strikes will Liam and Ella be able to save their newly blossoming relationship?
The ups and downs of their relationship continue as Ella’s past threatens her safety, and her sanity.

This novel is an emotional rollercoaster that may make you laugh, cry, love and leave you feeling a bit a lot hot and bothered.

This title is an erotic novel and is intended for Adults due to language and explicit sexual content.
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  1. Loved it sooooo much! Thank you. It would be nice to follow their story.....

  2. I enjoyed both books, however I was stumped that nothing further happened with liam and his dad situation as well as once his mom passed away that was it, not a mention of his dad possibly having anything to do with it? Over all I loved Liam and Ella's story and how they found each other given the crazy hand they were dealt in life. Hopefully there is another book to give more details and insight into their crazy life...maybe tell the story around Rich and they were a twisted turn of events in this series!

  3. I am going crazy because I so desperately want to read Beautifully Revealed on iTunes but its not on there yet. By any chance do you know when it will be available on there? Please let it be really soon!!!!!!!!!