Friday, January 11, 2013

Beautifully Broken Teaser

“Let’s go. I need you. Now.” he orders as he grabbed my hand and led me across the dance floor.

As if in a trance I obey him, following him through the club and into a hallway that led to an elevator. He pressed the button and the elevator automatically slid opened. He puts a key in the slot, leans against the back wall and pulls me into his arms. I’m so completely mesmerized by his sexy smile; I lean in and bring my lips to his.

I moan against his mouth, startled by the instant rush that flows through me from that simple touch of our lips. He takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth and I melt against him, slanting my head, desperate for more. The kiss grew more demanding, his unique flavor penetrated my senses as he devoured my mouth with an intensity I had never experienced. His hands dug into my ass and pulled me against his erection just as the doors open.

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